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> Melt filter elements repurchased by customers are, Melt filter elements repurchased by cust

6.12.2022, 5:08
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Melt filter elements have been repurchased in hot sale, and they have been packaged and ready to be shipped to customers.

Let's take you to know about the metal melt filter element.

The melt filter element is mainly made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel braided mesh, which has the characteristics of high porosity and high pollution capacity, and the stainless steel braided mesh is made of DIF stainless steel wire.

So which industries are molten metal filter elements usually used in?

Melt filter elements are widely used in polymer melt filtration devices in the chemical fiber industry. The function is to remove solid impurities such as carbide particles and metal oxides in the melt, improve the purity of the melt, provide qualified raw materials for downstream processes, and ensure the normal distance of the melt filter element.

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