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> What to know before closing the login

19.12.2022, 11:19
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Being a crypto investor andcarrying out the trade, holding an account on the crypto exchange becomes essential. Over time you might come to a conclusion to stop crypto trading and with this, opt to shut down the account.

Due any reason if you have decided to discontinue your login account then there are certain things that you should know about it. Here, we will be looking at the important points that one should be aware of before going to close the Coinbase account, and further, we will learn the guiding steps toclose the account.

Important points to remember
Account cannot be closed through the mobile app. To close the account one must process the steps through a web browser.
If you are holding a Coinbase Pro account then closing your Coinbase account will ultimately close your Pro account also.
The Coinbase account should have a zero balance before stepping ahead for the closing of the account.
The exchange will keep a record of your personal information for about 5 years or as obligatory according to the legal rules to prevent fraud and resolve disputes as framed in the Coinbase Privacy Policy.
Account closing steps
This section of the page will help you know about the steps that will guide you in closing your login account. The steps to do so are simple and can be completed in a few minutes. The simplest way to close your account is to submit a request via emailby reaching the “Contact Us” page.

The steps to be followed in a sequential manner are listed under:

From the product menu, select Coinbase
Scroll down the page and tap on the “Managing my Account” option below “Let’s Get Started”
Hit on “Closing my Account” under the “What Is Your Issue About?” section
Choose “I Would Like To Close My Account”
Now, fill up the remaining fields and submit the request to forfeit funds
By going through these simple steps, you will be able to easily close your Coinbase account.

Final Verdict login offers you exceptional crypto trade experience and other options to enjoy your trade journey. However, due to any reason if you decide to close the account then you can surely do it by following these simple steps. But don’t forgettocheck out the essential pointsbefore closing the account.
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