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> How to get started with using Coinbase wallet on a, Nowadays, most of us, at some point in o

1.12.2022, 10:00
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Nowadays, most of us, at some point in our lives are dealing with crypto assets as they tend to maximize our earnings. Whenever we think of investing in crypto, the first question that could strike our mind is, what are we going to do to improve the safety of our purchased crypto assets?
Well, that's a question that every one of us should ask. Therefore, if you are also having the same query, then I would like you to know that you can easily store your crypto assets in a crypto wallet. Therefore, if you also wish to do the same, then you can probably go ahead with using a Coinbase wallet app.
Yes, this is a wallet that is highly secure and is already being used on a large scale.
However, being an iPhone user, you might have a query in your mind, whether this wallet is safe or not.
In that case, what I suggest you do is check out the essential details that I am going to share in the section below.
Can I use the Coinbase wallet on iPhone?
Yes, you can definitely use the Coinbase wallet on your iPhone and for the same purpose, you can easily install the Coinbase wallet app on your device. So, if you are someone who is interested to use this wallet service on your iPhone, then I recommend you refer to the steps that are given below.
Well, downloading the app and setting up the wallet is completely free.
Steps to use Coinbase wallet from the scratch
In case you have already downloaded the wallet app on your device, then you can skip the first few steps given below. Else, you can start from the beginning:
1. First of all, you can navigate to the official website of the wallet
2. Or, you can open the Apple App Store on your device
3. Look for the Coinbase wallet app and tap "Get"
4. Once the app gets downloaded, you can open the app and then set up the wallet
5. For the same purpose, you can select the option to create a new wallet
6. And then, you can also set up a login password for the same
7. Now, when you are shown the seed phrase, please back it up carefully
Congratulations, you have successfully set up your wallet now and you can start using it on your iPhone.
By referring to the given details you can easily start using the Coinbase wallet on your iPhone. As you can see, the process was quite simple. All you needed to do was download the app and select the option that allowed you to set up the wallet.
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